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What is Consent Management?

Terrance Lowe 0

Also known as a CMP, the consent management platform is an infrastructure/ software that allows companies or brands to collect, store, handle and process information about their customers/ clients. The use of the CMP is in adherence to the provisions of the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation. Clients can either agree or decline from having their data used, depending on their consent preferences.

In this article, we will be offering insights into what a consent management platform offers a business.

The design

In the design of such a platform, three things need to be taken into consideration; the collection of consent, the consent management engine, and the processing of data.

When it comes to consent collection, there are many forms through which this can be achieved. This is possible through omnichannel marketing, which has gained ground over the years. Some of the various channels include applications (both mobile and website), user profiles, and points of sale and contact centers.

Once consent has been received or collected, the next process is its storage and management. Typically, this is done in a central repository, well managed, and offered the best in cybersecurity. This is where the client data will be processed. In the repository, the management engine will identify each user’s preferences and type of consent and collect only the allowable information. This is where the comprehension and application of the GDPR’s provisions and regulations need to be put in place.

Just the same way an organization allowed for consent to be accepted, they should also allow for subjects/clients to withdraw or opt out. This should be an easy and effective system that is possible on all channels.

With the information availed to you, you can now appreciate the role that the consent management platform plays in the current jurisdiction. The question now becomes where to get one installed for your business, office, or practice. Trust in reputable and experienced service providers. We recommend that you click on the following link, All your questions will be answered therein.

Can I operate without a CMP?

The short answer is yes. One can operate and conduct business without CMP but not without some consequences. The basis for having a CMP is enshrined in law. If you don’t comply with the provisions of data privacy laws, you are bound to face the fines and penalties provided. In addition, the use of CMP and the other provisions of data privacy laws protects your business from data breaches and other illegalities.


It is a requirement for your business to have in place a consent management platform. It serves as proof of compliance with the provisions of the GDPR and also serves to protect your business from fines and penalties that can be levied against you.

In addition, your customers and clients will appreciate that you are forward on all things connected to technology and privacy. Their trust in you will translate to a bigger portion of the cake or in this case the market.