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The Truth About Ceramic Coatings: What You Need to Know

Terrance Lowe 0

Most people will see a sheen on a car but not know what happened behind the scenes. If you are interested in good cars’ appearance, then you have probably heard about ceramic coatings. There are myths and facts about this type of coating. Below are some of the things you need to know.

Easy to clean

The material used to create the ceramic coating is silica dioxide, which is water-phobic. This makes cleaning easy as stains can just be wiped off as soon as they are formed.

After cleaning, water droplets are easy to clean and dry off quickly, saving you time. During rainy seasons, you do not have to worry about the thorough cleaning process. Wiping off the surface makes cleaning easy and convenient.

Offers protection


The ceramic coating offers an extra layer of paint on the original paint. This is purposely to offer protection from harsh weather conditions such as too many sun rays and extreme cold.

It also offers protection from corrosive chemical stains and products with high acidic properties.

Note however that the coating does not offer protection from scratches, dents, or rock chips.

During winter, salt is sprinkled on roads to clear the snowflakes. However, salt is capable of damaging paint on your vehicle. The coating offers protection against the salt that can be rinsed off with one wash.

Gives the car more sheen

A good glow makes any surface more attractive. A ceramic coating makes the surface more attractive at first glance. It makes the surface more reflective and eliminates the dullness on the surface.

The oil effect increases a car’s resale value and saves you money from having to do repainting. Choose products such as in the link.

The sheen is important as it protects the car from absorbing UV rays directly, leading to swollen paint that fades and chips eventually.

Not permanent

Just as normal paint needs care for a long-lasting effect, the same case applies to ceramic coatings. Most people believe that the coating is permanent and once applied one does not have to do any repairs. Maintenance is key when it comes to taking care of the paint, such as applying sheen or topcoat.

It is time to replace the coating if the life span of the coating is over or when the warranty time is over. You will notice that when water is poured on the surface, any stubborn stains are not removed by simply wiping them off.

They have a wide variety

Ceramic coatings come with a wide variety and have different properties and application processes. There are three main varieties.

– Pro ceramic coatings. They form a thick, hard layer that is superglued-like. They require a professional application process and last for a long time.

– Consumer-grade ceramic coatings. They are of less quality compared to pro ceramic coatings. They are also less complicated when it comes to the application process and use single-level applications.

Professional-grade ceramic coating. These are more complex to apply as they take 3-4 days to finish the process. They come with warranties where a consumer can be compensated.