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How To Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral: The Magic Formula

Terrance Lowe 0

If you have been using YouTube for a pretty good time you may know that the viral video can come from anywhere, anytime, it may come from a channel having a million subscribers, or it may come from a channel having only 2 or no subscribers. Let’s learn how one can make a video with huge chances to go viral.

Things That Will Make Your Video Go Viral:

The Thumbnail

First, the thumbnail is a very important factor that can attract the audience if a video you make has a captivating thumbnail, there are more chances to get a greater number of viewers because surveys show that people during scrolling play the videos mostly having attractive thumbnails.

Ranking On YouTube and Google

Another step you can acquire to make your video go viral is to rank it 1st  in YouTube and Google search. There are a number of videos available on various sites that can teach you the methods to improve the ranking of your videos.  You can easily learn these methods there.

Now the question arises, how does ranking help to make a viral video? The answer for this is, people usually go with the video that immediately pops up on the top when they search for something, so, it is very important to have your video on 1st ranking if you want to make your video go viral.

You can also improve the ranking of your video by using improving the description tags and also by improving the number of people sharing your video. If your video contains better keywords in the tags in the description, then you will have a greater chance to get 1st rank in Google and YouTube search.


You can also make your video go viral with the help of Reddit. Reddit is basically a website where you post pictures, videos, or any other information. The people out there will vote for your stuff. If you get enough votes, you will end up on the front page. The cool thing about this website is that if you have posted something very informative it will bring a lot of traffic to your website or to your videos which will help your video to go viral.

Google Trends

You can easily search for the trends on Google. All you have to do is to search for some currently under discussion topics and check out the traffic towards each one of them. Make sure to keep in mind, a topic that is trending this month may not trend later. So, you have to make a video on the topic that is at the top on that day. While scrolling people go out for the videos on trending topics, so if you are making videos on trending topics there are more chances for your video to go viral.

Number of Subscribers You Have

To make a video go viral, it is also essential to have a large number of followers who get back to you every time you post a video. Thus, getting YouTube subscribers becomes an inevitable task that you need to accomplish. There are usually the people who love your content or are working as per your content. These are the people who generally subscribe to your channel. So, if you want your video to go viral, you need to get more subscribers on YouTube.