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How to Use Natural Deodorant

Terrance Lowe 0

Are you the type who uses deodorants daily but still gets body odors? Probably your application process is the problem, and it needs to be changed.

Natural deodorants are plant-based, meaning they are made from plant extracts and contain earth salts. Unlike normal artificial deodorants that contain chemical compounds, these types of deodorants are skin-friendly and do not put your health at risk.

Below are some steps that have proven to be effective when using deodorants.

Clean your armpits

When taking a bath, concentrate on your armpits well. This entails cleaning with a cloth that has enough lather to remove sweat build-ups. Later on, ensure you rinse your armpits well to eliminate any soap residue left.

Dry your armpits

Some of us are not so good with drying some parts of our bodies such as areas behind the neck, armpits, between thighs, and between our toes. If such areas are not well dried, they produce a bad body smell.

Ensure you use a dry towel that is well absorbent for such areas.

Shave your armpits

If you are observant enough, you will notice that you smell sweat more if you don’t shave your armpits. Hair traps sweat, leading to a bad smell, especially if it is very hot.

Use a good shaver to get rid of under-armpit hairs!

Let your under armpits rest

After shaving, the skin is quite irritated and has small wounds that lead to irritation if deodorant is applied to the skin immediately. Give your skin time to breathe and dry before applying the deodorant.

Application of deodorant

Note that natural deodorants should cover the whole area of your underarm. This is because natural deodorants do not cover the sweat ducts, unlike artificial deodorants. They neutralize the smell of sweat to give you a neutral scent, depending on the flavor of the natural deodorant you are using. Learn more here.

How to reduce odor from your body

Shower more than once

Our sweat concentrations differ from one another, If you notice that you smell sweat even after using deodorants, try showering more than once. This could be twice or thrice a day.

Drink lots of water

Water is good for the body when it comes to performing metabolic activities such as digestion. It is also good as it helps lower the concentration of sweat and other body fluids. If you are having a hard time taking plain water, try some lightly concentrated juice or flavored water.

Wear cotton cloths

Cotton is good for people who sweat a lot, as it helps by absorbing the sweat. Unlike nylon clothes, cotton keeps your skin dry, hence eliminating the chance of sweat building up on your body.

Change your clothes daily

Personal hygiene is vital when it comes to ensuring your body works as it is supposed to. If you sweat a lot, it is normal. We all have different rates at which we sweat. Ensure you get to change your clothes more than once if necessary. Remember, if your friends are comfortable, you are comfortable around them as well.