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5 KFC Hacks for Free and Cheap Food

Terrance Lowe 0

KFS is a prominent fast-food restaurant chain that produces extremely tasty fried chicken. The company cares about its customers and apart from providing its clients with its KFC survey guide, it still has a lot more to offer. Here, we are going to supply you with information about all the KFC hacks for free and cheap food:

 KFC free delivery


Spend some time looking through the deals category to see when they are offering free delivery, but keep in mind that the food costs may be extra. Make sure you’re signed up for their Facebook group and other channels, so you don’t miss out on their discounts when they appear. Meanwhile, you should also try the fantastic strategies for receiving free and low-cost takeout.

Great offers of KFC

KFC frequently upholds good offers, so keep an eye out on all these.

In old days, they offered a Fillet Rice box for £4 and a 10-piece bucket for £12.99 in addition to their offer of £5.99 for a 9 pieces bucket. These chances are frequently advertised online, on signs outside KFC locations, and by their eagle-eyed team in their offers area.

KFC even launched an 80-piece bucket of chicken for £5.99 in the past. So, if you’re looking for offers like this, follow them on social media accounts such as Facebook.

Get KFC top-secret menu

Secret combinations are probably our best method for getting excellent KFC food as you’ve never had before. Have you ever considered mixing it up? It’s a first time for just about everything, after all. Keep in mind that you must assemble these hidden items on the menu yourself. If you discover any hidden meals, let them know so that they can put them on the list — in the meantime; try any of these hidden menu combinations:

– Six Sticky BBQ wings (hot wings with a free side of BBQ sauce)

– Gyros (Fries and a mayo Twister Wrap)

– Spicy Chicken Burrito (Southern Rice and Flaming Rolled and wrapped)

– Poutine (Popcorn Chicken, fries, gravy, and two slices of cheese)


Use the KFC app to get free food

Get free food by downloading the KFC app! When you order from KFC, you’ll collect stamps on your loyalty card, but you’ll also get more freebies and special deals if you regularly check back. It’s a free quick snack on the run.

You can also receive free food by gathering other people’s receipts that they’ve left behind, and scanning them into your smartphone to obtain their stamps.

Just make sure you don’t linger too long in the store, or you might get some unpleasant stares from the employees and customers.

Students get free KFC food

As a student, you would like to take advantage of as many freebies as possible. So, when you purchase your second Boneless Banquet box, don’t forget to ask for a free snack box if you spend £3 in-store at KFC.

Sign up for KFC Student Beans to receive discounts when you visit a KFC location. All you want to do is to carry the student discount card up to the register and show it to the cashier, so take advantage of it.