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Fun things to do when bored

Terrance Lowe 0

Boredom gets a hold of us sometimes. You would have run out of things to do and don’t know what to do anymore, nothing on Netflix is interesting anymore, you walk to the fridge and back to the couch and somehow feel suffocated in between the walls, pace about, and right there you realize that boredom came knocking, and you let it in.

Well, eventually it has to happen to all of us. Sometimes it’s worse when you’ve hit a creative block and don’t know what to do for fun. Try visiting sites like bet2you among the following activities.

Play an instrument

Music has a way to heal the soul and make everything else better. If you do know how to play an instrument, it is probably time to get it from the storage and dust it. Try playing something new or relive the old tunes. If you do not know how to play an instrument, it is probably time to learn. YouTube has lots of tutorials to help you learn.

Write a story

It could be a short story, a blog, or an entire book, there are no limits. You can write anything from an experience to a baffling thought and maybe share it with your fans, friends, and family to see what they think of it.


You could try taking some photos. Furthermore, you don’t need a fancy camera to take nice photographs of the wild or things around you and play around with your lens for some crazy shots. This can be very therapeutic, especially if the photos have an appeal.

Do puzzles

This will jolt your brain. It could be anything from a crossword to a jigsaw puzzle to a Rubik’s cube. It is a good way to distract you and improve your attention span and cognitive skills while having fun at the same time

Play a board game

A board game never goes wrong, especially with a friend. Hang out with your friends and maybe try some new board game you haven’t played before. There are tons of board games to chase boredom.

Road trip

Are you tired of being in the house all day? Gear up for a drive. It could be a slow therapy drive to nowhere or a premeditated road trip to a specific destination you have researched. A road trip, fun friends, and good music are a good combo to get rid of the dreaded boredom.


Have a conversation with an old friend and catch up. There are many social chatrooms to reach out to a friend or make a new friend. You could even plan to meet up with a friend for coffee and share a good time.

Video games

There are tons of games out there to play, ranging from simple online puzzles to high-end games. Video games have a way to open up your mind and improve your cognitive skills and have fun at the same time. Maybe retry that level that you got stuck on.

Try a new recipe

The internet has tons of new recipes you could try out of boredom. YouTube has tutorials to guide you through a nice new recipe you could try and enjoy a good meal or pastry.