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5 Primary Challenges of Cash Management

Terrance Lowe 0

Perhaps, you have come to the sudden realization that school didn’t teach you how you should manage money. But money might not be the problem, perhaps there are some facts that you didn’t know about money that are haunting you. It might feel like you are the victim in this situation, and you are running around scared. And you don’t know what to do. If you are a business owner, your employees might see that you might not be able to cover their bills next month, and that’s not good news. Nobody wants to deal with someone who is offering work for free.

These challenges are inevitable, but you need to know something. You ought to prepare yourself to make the cash. How? You built the necessary skills to create the fortune that you have. That’s why it’s an even greater calling to build the skills that will make you handle the pressure and challenge of having money in your hands.

But having the skills is not enough. You must know what is oncoming on, see how you can deal with this disempowering and unfulfilling prophecy.

Here are the five primary challenges of cash management.

Inconsistent cash flow

Money does not come in abundance. If you think like that, you are living in a fantasy. That’s not how money works. Money comes in bits and bits. This fact might seem subtle, but maybe you have not taken the time to pay attention to it. The way money flows is fixed. The thing is, we confuse a big payday with being rich.

There are times things will go south. You will have nothing to offer and there will be no work for you to do. Then all of a sudden, the tide changes, and you are in control. But here’s the thing you are not in control of. It is just that the tide is in your favor, and you are receiving enough money to cheat your mind. Once you understand this, then you will have a grasp of inconsistent cash flow.

Spending money to make money

In this case, money is used to hire, outsource or even travel to other parts of the world to gain insights, ideas, and skills that will help you make money. This might save you money and time in the long term, but it has some kind of risk attached to it. The thing is, spending money, in this way, is a gamble. This can fit in when you are the first person to produce a particular service or product. That means you are not sure of the money used.

Price margins


In a business setting, price is what determines the kind of profit that you will make. How does this relate to cash management? Managing cash is all about money in and money out. As a business, if you are not making money, expenses will not go anywhere. You will be on a hot seat since you will be sinking in debt without an out.

Going Out of a Budget

This can go two ways. It can happen once you go out of the preplanned budget or when the costs and expenses exceed what you estimated. This challenge is very difficult to overcome and will need that you have your cash reserves in check or a backup plan to make sure that you achieve this goal.

Mixed bills

Humans are just humans and will make mistakes and take a lot of time distinguishing between various types of cash. That’s why you will need to buy a mixed bill counter machine in order to deal with this cash management problem. Using a mixed money counter will make work easier and faster at the end of the day.