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Which of Your Patients Will Benefit the Most from Telehealth?

Terrance Lowe 0

Medical patient portals are a common feature in every medical practitioner and have become a must over time. The real question is which kind of patients does it affect? How frictionless is their experience? What is the kind of leverage they are receiving from using telehealth services? Apart from happy pictures and hard medical terms, there is always more.

People think that Instagram and medical portals are not different. The strike in similarities brings us closer to what might deem impossible. In both social events, there is a connection. This means that your online presence is not meant for everyone. Approaching your medical practice with this mindset will bring greater focus to the people who appreciate online portals the most.

Over time, you will conclude that your style in medical practice differs from your competition. This is the same way in which patients will not fully conform to all current patterns of telehealth services. If you understand this, then you will almost justify the assumption that only these types of patients reap massive gains from medical portal services.

Millennial patients and Gen Z

The Generation Z department thrives in the digital world and swims in the ocean of convenience. This category is impossible to be ignored because they basically run the world. Medical providers need to up their game and come up with a strategy. Medical blog posts and patient portals are a good start. This will bring a spike in traffic.

Now, everyone is happy. Millennials are high because of the dopamine hits of convenience received at the comfort of their homes. Technology has made it possible to make appointment scheduling and adjustment of medical reports without making a phone call. 24-year-olds and 40-year-olds appreciate the experience. They can do save time and money and focus on spending time with their loved ones and doing deep work.

The notion of convenience causes a pleasurable experience in this category. There is no such grand pleasure as creating a work-life balance for people around the globe. That’s the kind of effect we are talking about.

Near me patients

This category leverages location as the main factor in determining the suitability of the medical portal. Near-me patients look for the kind of hospitals that are within their reach. Most of the time, they will choose the closest and cheapest. Also, if they are not currently available, they can communicate with the facility or make an appointment.

Near-me patients enjoy the flexibility offered majorly by location. Telehealth services amplify the effect and notify if there might be a possibility of unexpected pop-ins. These patients experience the feeling of safety as they can easily access a medical institution either by phone or paying a physical visit. This builds confidence and rapport with the medical provider. The result is a win-win situation with some of the parties.