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Luxury Private Jet Charter Service

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Commercial aircraft is fast and can get you from point A to B in no time. By all standards, it is the best and secure form of transportation since the invention of fire. But it comes at a cost. The hassle. Anyone who has traveled via commercial plane can testify of the hassle. The rushing through the aircraft’s hallway as you move to check-in is a common denominator that unites all aircraft users. Avoid the hustle and bustle of commercial airlines and busy airports by engaging VelocityJets. Traveling through the air has never been easier.

Velocity Jets is the premier and personalized aircraft charter service that can shoulder that burden for you. Velocity Jets pride themselves in being clear and transparent with all their customers. There are no acquisition costs or hidden charges involved with this charter service. You only get the convenience of a private aircraft and the customized service that will leave you all smile.

Advantages of using a luxury private jet charter service

Choosing between a privately chartered airplane and a commercial plane should be a straightforward choice. No dilemma at all. But there is always that one person who needs to be convinced. Continue reading. You could be the next customer of Velocity Jets, enjoying the plush seats and personalized service.

1.      Entertainment Galore

Luxury jets came well equipped with the latest toys and entertainment setups. From large flat-screen TVs to booming home surround systems to even a pool table, you can get it all on a chartered service. You can’t even tell whether you are at home or in a cabin flying thousands of feet above the ground. That packaged service of luxury and charity can only be achieved at a private jet service.

2.      Full Staff (plus kitchen and personal chef)

No more microwaved and standard meals when flying home. Hire a chartered service and reach the highest realms of luxury travel with a personal crew of attendants and flight staff. With a personal chef, you can have your favorite dishes recreated for you or you can have some gourmet dishes prepared, hot, and ready to tantalize your palate.

3.      In-flight spas, saunas, and massages

Flight doesn’t have to be a stiff affair. Relax and treat your muscles right with an in-flight massage and spa combo. Extravagant and massive jets such as the Airbus A380 can have installed in them spas and saunas that can have you relaxed all the way through. Visit Velocity Jets today and get acquainted with the various private jets at their disposal, plus the amenities that come with it.

4.      Master suite rooms

Feeling sleepy and red-eye before the flight? That’s not an issue when you have hired a private jet from Velocity Jets. Get transported in a room similar to a five-star hotel with a queen-sized bed, walk-in shower, and fully stocked vanity.