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How to get free followers on Instagram

Terrance Lowe 0

Gaining free followers on Instagram is not as hard as it may seem at first. It is the best and most reliable method of ensuring that the following that you gain is not only going to remain with you for a long period of time, but it is also going to help in the creation of content that has value and that brings maximum engagement. Engagement is essential to the success of an Instagram account. It keeps your account alive and continuously has conversations stirring around it. In order to get free followers on Instagram, you can also use some websites and fill some surveys, but the followers you gain like this will mostly never engage and be fake profiles. Some Instagram growth services have Instagram follower free trials so you can try what they offer and decide if they are right for you.

Get Free Followers

Free followers can be gained in a number of ways. Maintain a thoughtful and well-planned Instagram strategy that consists of all the marketing tools and post plans that you want to inculcate in your profile. Define your target audience and create a niche of the people that you want to specifically target, which will result in like-minded people accessing your profile hassle-free and will add to your follower base.

By creating an authentic and consistent brand aesthetic, you are telling your own story in a creative and attractive manner which can be enhanced by the use of a compelling bio and profile which are the biggest pillars of a successful profile. Make sure that you share engaging and interesting content which brings about the most attention and then promote your content on your other social media accounts and websites. Pair up with influencers and through the influencer marketing, reap a majority of benefits as the influencer following will then be inclined to visit your profile and even follow you if they find your profile to be relatable.

Tag your location in your posts and make sure that you aim for the ‘Explore’ section. Your presence in that section will lead to greater visibility and fame of your account. Make interesting and engaging captions that force your audience to tag their friends and share your content to other places.

Your posts should be consistent and you should post at the right time each day by carefully taking a look at the time your audience is the most active. This will be the perfect opportunity to make sure that they engage with your content the most. Attempt Instagram live sessions and collaborate with other famous people where you carry out meaningful discussions about topics that matter. Run contests and giveaways that encourage more follows and make sure you award people who have followed all the rules and have actually followed you or even made some of their friends and family follow you too!


Gaining free followers on Instagram is thus only a matter of consistent and unending hard work that you do every single day.