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Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach

Terrance Lowe 0

A good understanding of Instagram algorithms is important when trying to boost your reach. Over the years, the algorithm has seen changes, which has had an overall decline in the organic growth of accounts. It is significant to keep a steady flow of posts and gradually build your engagements.

Additionally, the use of real Instagram growth service providers is seen as an excellent solution to increase your organic reach in the current market. With their services, the people who seemed impossible to reach can be engaged with, and a significant boost can be seen in the overall growth of your account. There are a lot of ways still to increase Instagram reach.

The 7 points listed below explain in detail how to enhance your overall reach.

Time of posting

If you seek to learn how to boost your Instagram account, you should know that the timings of your posts have a great impact on how many people you will be able to reach. Ideally, a post should be made when the maximum number of followers is online.

Experiment with posting at different times, and analyze using Instagram Insights, at which time more engagements are reached. Schedule your posts when your followers are most active, which is likely to boost reach.

Use Instagram stories


The Instagram stories are shown very prominently in the app, at the top of the screen, which makes it a great way of engaging with your followers more often.

This will in turn make your posts more relevant and gradually more visible to your followers. Making regular stories is highly advisable to increase engagements.

 Engage with the audience  

Engaging with the audience is an easy way of boosting your reach.

Organizing a contest encourages the people to interact with your posts, for instance, a reward can be given to a random follower, whoever likes a post on your account.

Additionally, user-generated content should also be encouraged and focused on, giving the audience reasons to interact more on your account. The Instagram algorithm takes these interactions into account when analyzing your activities, which will help your posts rank better.

Using location Tags

This is another fast way of increasing the overall reach. Tag images on your posts with the location they were taken from, people searching accounts on this location will also be able to look at your post.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are a great way of reaching newer audiences. Using the right hashtag can be very helpful, as Instagram users mostly search using them.

It is advised to use industry-specific hashtags to avoid misleading traffic on your posts. Trending hashtags should also be used, ensuring a wider reach of your posts.

Go live

Going live on Instagram makes you much more visible to your audience as you appear right after the user’s stories.

Your followers become more interested in your account as it appears at the front of their stories feed. They can prominently see your profile and interact with all your previous posts, if they find your story to their interest, boosting overall engagements on your account.

Promote posts by ads

Using Instagram ads helps to make your posts more prominent and attract additional followers, who might not have been able to reach you otherwise.

There is a wide variety of features on your Instagram insights page, which can be analyzed to promote your posts effectively.

By using these methods, your Instagram account will experience a boost in organic growth, and make you reach out to a wide variety of audiences.

There is plenty more to know about Instagram, be sure to check out other topics related to the platform.