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The Ins And Outs Of Using a CPAP Machine

Terrance Lowe 0

There are some breathing problems that people suffer from which can be reduced considerably by using CPAP machines to get uninterrupted and relaxing night sleep. People diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) find it very difficult to get sound sleep, with frequent interruptions and general discomfort in breathing when sleeping due to repeated pauses in breath caused by blockages in the airways at the back of the throat. A CPAP machine can help you clear the blockages and keep airways open during the night. However, there are several things to consider before using the machine.

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Types of Machines

Although the primary purpose of the machine is to provide constant pressure to the airways of a person and help to sleep, there are many types of machines that can be suited to the different desires of an individual, some machines come with humidifiers which help in keeping the mouth and throat moist while sleeping. Excessive usage of a CPAP machine often results in dryness of the throat which can result in disturbances while sleeping, consider the choice of the humidifier option if you have experienced such issues. Additionally, the masks are different for each machine and not all masks are attachable to every machine. Choose the machine which is compatible with the mask you are most comfortable using. There are also CPAP machines that are suited for people who have to travel often and carry them on planes or can be easily packed up in a small container. Choose the machine which is best suited to your requirements. 

Advantages of Use


The mac hine has several advantages for individuals in their daily lives, primarily it helps achieve sound and relaxing night sleep, enabling people to improve their overall wellbeing and their daily routine by encouraging them to sleep early and wake up fresher in the morning. Additionally, the machine significantly lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes for the users, as the machine aids their ability to breathe properly at all times while sleeping.

Since people get good sleep at the right time, it improves their efficiency at work, and while doing other tasks during the day, as they feel fresher and not sleepy after using the machine.

Possible Issues and Side Effects of Usage

One of the most notable problems associated with CPAP machine use is feeling claustrophobic and uncomfortable while sleeping. The mask and the hose are not suitable for all people as people feel stuck while using the machine, they can not move freely and change postures during the night. The mask also causes skin irritations to some users with prolonged uses. Other issues include nasal congestion and nosebleeds with the excessive usage of the machine.

The CPAP machine is a must-have for most people having OSA symptoms and difficulty sleeping at night. The benefits of using the machine outweigh the drawbacks, as most of the issues and side effects can be adjusted to have far less of a negative effect on the user.