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Win $3000 in Walgreens Customers Feedback.

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Walgreens stores, the leading drugstores in the United States and owner of Duane Reade stores have opened a platform for its customers to win a whopping $3000, just for completing a customer feedback survey for them. At WalgreensListens survey, the customers are asked about their experiences at Walgreens stores, this is aimed at improving their products and the efficiency of their services, not to mention rewarding loyal customers with $3000 cash prize for that bit of information. Hang on to this article and learn the requirements, steps and modes of entry into Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey.

Conditions that must be met to qualify for Walgreens Customer feedback survey

  • The participant must be an official resident of US, UK or Canada
  • The participant must have an evidence of purchase from Walgreens stores, that is, a receipt or an invoice.
  • The applicant can only apply for Walgreens Customer feedback survey within seven days of purchase.
  • Employees and staff of Walgreens stores are not allowed to participate in Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey.
  • Every Walgreens Customer is allowed to take only 5 surveys per month.
  • The winner of $3000 cash prize from Walgreens will not be permitted to sell or exchange the prize. Visit for more details

Procedure for entry into Walgreens Customer feedback survey.


  • Buy an item from Walgreens store and keep the receipt carefully.
  • Type in the survey access code or invoice number as requested, located at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Answer the questions displayed on the screen and type in your comments and suggestions when necessary, remember, your answers must be honest, else you would be disqualified.
  • A validation code will be sent to you; this code will be used to redeem the prize if you win.
  • Enter your contact details in the space given; your contact details will be used to contact you if you win. Watch these videos to get a view of how the survey work:


However, Walgreens stores acknowledges the fact that some of its loyal customers might not have a laptop, computer, phone or even an internet connection, or can have the above mentioned, yet prefer not to go through their online entry, therefore, customers can enter Walgreens Customer feedback survey by placing a call to them. Simply purchase an item from Walgreens store, keep the receipt or invoice carefully, dial 1-800-763-0547 or 800-658-1584 for Walgreens customers or 1-888-262-7762 or 800-821-9096 for Duane Reade customers, the customer care that picks up the call will walk you through the process.


On the other hand, Walgreens have included another means of entry into their customer feedback survey, in an attempt to give every customer equal opportunity to win their amazing sweepstake, Walgreens have made provision for entry by mailing. All the customer has to do is mail their details to Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, Dept-S7606 PO Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.