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Popular Fashion Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Terrance Lowe 0

Fashion travel blogs and fashion travel websites are at the top of their game. Popular fashion travel blogs are a great way to get inspired for your next vacation or weekend adventure. You might notice some similarities between fashion and travel blogging: both require creativity, patience, and persistence. Fashion and travel bloggers have a passion for traveling around the world to explore unknown places and share with others what they find in these beautiful destinations. Whether you’re looking for inspiration from around the world or want some new trends in fashion, fashion travel bloggers show what’s hot right now.

So sit back, relax and enjoy our collection of top fashion travel blogs.

Lili Mizzoni

Lili is an Italian blogger who has been featured by Vogue Italia as one of “The New Generation Of Fashion Bloggers”. She lives between Milan and London where she works at The Guardian newspaper. Her blog features her travels through Italy and Europe as well as lifestyle posts that are inspired by her own life experiences.

Danielle Louise

Danielle Louise is one of our favorite influencers because she has such an effortless approach to her personal style that makes everything look so effortlessly put together. Her blog features lots of outfit posts as well as lifestyle content like DIYs and recipes. She has recently launched a new website called “The Style Diary” which focuses more heavily on styling tips, but you can still find plenty of inspiration from her other site here! It’s wonderful how she incorporates pieces from different designers into each post without looking too trendy.

Gaby Dalkin

Gaby is a British-born model based out of Los Angeles. She was discovered while working as a waitress at a restaurant called “Cafe Gratitude” which is owned by photographer Terry Richardson. Since then, she has worked with some big names like Chanel and Versace, among others.

Jessica Hines

Jessica is another American beauty who started blogging about two years ago when she decided to take a break from modeling. Now she runs her very popular site,, and you should definitely check it out!

Emily Weiss

Emily is a Canadian fashion designer who blogs about her daily outfits along with other topics such as home decorating tips and recipes. A lot of people think that she looks quite similar to actress Emma Watson, but there is no relation whatsoever.

Jessi Klein

Jessi started blogging as a way to document her life while working full-time as a flight attendant. But now, she’s become a go-to source for women everywhere thanks to her popular lifestyle blog, “The Pretty Messy Life.” In addition to posting gorgeous photos of herself wearing everything from dresses to jeans, she shares lots of fun personal stories along with helpful advice for anyone trying to achieve a balance between work and play.

Jessica Alba

Jessica is one of those rare people who can pull off any look she puts her mind to. She has a knack for mixing high-end designer pieces with casual basics that are still super trendy. Her blog, The Honest Company, features tons of great tips for moms looking to create stylish yet practical outfits for themselves and their kids.