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How do you get organic growth on Instagram?

Terrance Lowe 0

Just looking at the number of followers that a competitor’s Instagram account has is enough to discourage a newbie. Some of these accounts that are established have followers that run into hundreds and thousands. If you ask the owners of this account how they got to where they are, you will get vague instructions that will in no way help you to achieve what they have. The worst of it all is that they don’t tell you that they employ Instagram growth services like SimplyGram service to grow their account. 

SimplyGram service is one of the few Instagram services that will grow your Instagram account organically. This is to say that they will not only increase the number of followers that you have, but will also make sure that those followers actively engage in the activities that are going on in your account. 

They will also ensure that your followers are real and not inactive people. They will also focus on your target audience to increase the chances of turning visitors into customers – for business accounts. 

There are two ways of growing your Instagram organically. The first is by employing an Instagram growth service or by doing the job yourself. Yes, you can grow your Instagram yourself, but there are some disadvantages to it. 

Do you know that growing an Instagram can be likened to a full-time job? You would have to post as often as two times a day to avoid being at the bottom of Instagram’s algorithm. Also, you would have to actively like, comment, and reply to the comments of your audience. Don’t you see how tasking and time consuming it sounds? That is why you should choose an Instagram growth service. 

However, if you would still like to do it yourself, this article will tell you the steps to take to grow your Instagram organically. 

How to grow your Instagram account organically.


  • Post engaging content: if you are posting from a business account, then your post should revolve around the products you sell or the services you offer. However, if it is a personal account, then you have to find a niche that will be engaging to you and your to-be audience. Whichever account you have, make sure to post content related to what you love doing. Naturally, you will be a mini expert at what you love doing. If you post content that doesn’t make you happy, it will turn into a chore as time goes on, and you might decide to stop trying to grow your account in the long run. 
  • Post often: to get that engagement that you need, you have to post content as regular as possible, at least two times a day. Due to how popular Instagram has become, millions of people post content per second. So, if you don’t want your content to be at the bottom of your followers’ feed, you have to up your uploading frequency. 
  • Shadow your competition: the ugly thing about starting something is that there are hundreds of people that are already doing that same thing and have made a name for themselves. But then you can use it as an advantage. You can take to “shadowing” your competitors. Check the type of contents that they upload that give them maximum engagement. Follow their followers and ask them to follow you back. Try to replicate what they are doing without plagiarizing their account. 


Finally, to successfully grow your account, you have to follow the procedures that I mentioned above consistently. No matter how difficult or slow-growing your account might take, don’t ever give up. You might take a break, once in a while, but never give up altogether. If those competitors are honest with you, you will discover that it took them a long time to get to where they are. So don’t give up!