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Does a DUI ruin your life?

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Driving under influence is known as DUI. It is to drive a motor vehicle while the person’s blood alcohol content is above a legal limit set by the state, which is the level at which a person can’t drive safely.

In NJ (New Jersey) the state takes the offense of driving under influence very seriously. Anyone who is arrested breaking the law has to face very harsh punishments’ or penalties. According to DUI attorney in NJ if you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants like drugs, weed, etc. and your blood has a concentration of 0.08% or high you are set to be guilty in DUI. In NJ State the concentration limit for drivers under 21 is down to 0.01% and for CDL the limit is 0.04% hardly.

If you are pulled over in the state for driving while intoxicated according to the law you have to take a breath test and if you refuse to give test you can be detained and then your blood sample will be taken. In this case, if you are guilty of DUI you will also be subjected to heavy penalties.    


If you are proven guilty of DUI, you may lose your driving license or you may have to pay a heavy fine and in some of the cases, you are subjected to spend some time in jail. In addition to that according to the law in NJ, your vehicle’s insurance rate will experience rise.

The penalties are different in different cases and the more number of cases you are guilty in the harsher are the penalties. If you are found guilty in DUI in consecutive 3 to 4 times, you will be permanently banned to drive on roads of NJ. In this way, you will ruin your road life.

Penalties and Punishments:

If you are proven guilty for the first DUI in your life, the law will punish you according to the level of your crime.

If you are high and driving on the road and you are caught by police and proven guilty you will face some penalties like 7 to 12-month license suspension,  maximum imprisonment of 30 days, a fine around $300 to $500, and etc. But if you have harmed someone or have met some kind of accident while driving under the influence, then you will face very harsh penalties like imprisonment for months, heavy fines, and suspension of license forever in the state.                                 


If the DUI ruin your life or not depends on the level of crime you have committed, if you are just proven guilty in drunk driving then you will have to pay the fine or suspension of some time, or you may also face demerits in your driving record and then you will be set free. But if you have committed some serious thing while driving under the influence, it may ruin your life on the road as well as off the road. In these cases, you need an experienced lawyer who can at least walk you off as leniently as possible