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How long before your flight should you arrive at the airport?

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As time is passing by, people are also moving forward. There was a time when only the rich or elite class could travel through flights, and air transport was a very rare concept. But now, with the increased level of income and improvisation of services, people have shifted towards the mode of air transport for purposes of traveling from one city/country to another. Not every person who is traveling through an airplane has past experience of traveling or is aware of the details that he/she needs to know before going for their flight. The primary question which people ask before catching a flight is that how long before their flight should they reach the airport. This article primarily deals with the above-mentioned question and will also talk about all the factors that you should consider before deciding when to go to the airport.

When to arrive at the Airport

When to arrive at the Airport

Broadly speaking, there are two types of fliers. One is those who like to be present at the airport way before their flight time so that they can avoid any inconvenience and ensure a smooth journey. While others are those, who cut their arrival times as close to takeoff as possible. Such habits are usually adopted by frequent travelers as they know exactly how much time would it take for them to board.

Arrival time varies in both domestic and international flights. Domestic flights, as suggested by their name, are flights within a country, whereas international flights are flights from one country to another.

In cases of domestic flights, if you have bags to check, you should reach the airport at least 2 hours before the flight time. Even in domestic flights, there can be long lines in the bag drop off areas, and if you fail to meet the baggage check-in cut off times (usually 40 minutes before departure), you can miss your flight.

When it comes to international flights, you should always reach the airport 3 hours ahead of departure. International flights do not tend to wait for the passenger and usually take off even if you are not present on your seat. Hence, in order to avoid any risks and inconvenience, it is suggested that you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to the flight.

Other factors to consider when deciding arrival time

Besides the basic guidelines that have been given in the above information, it is also important to take into consideration some other factors that would help you decide as to when you should reach the airport. Firstly you should review your airline’s guidelines as some of them expressly state the time when the passenger should arrive at the airport. Other than this, the time of your flight, your type of ticket, for example, first-class or economy class, whether you are traveling with family or alone or what would it cost you if you miss your flight are also some factors that should be kept in mind.